Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pretty Words to Appease the Psycho

"That was hard... this was harder."
"We should have you over before we leave."
"I do give a shit."
"I am not abandoning you."..."You are worth it"..."You are a friend"
"I want you to see the value... I can see in you."

Such bullshit. 

All it is is pretty words meant to appease me. None of it is meant with any sincerity. And it's taken me this long to figure this out. 

A short while ago, I was angry about this. I wanted to punch a tree... or you. But it's not worth it. You're not worth it. You aren't worth my tears, my anger, my pain. You're just one more uncaring fraud. I'm just confused as to why. Most people want something... think they'll get something out of such pretty words. Or does this all just make you feel worth something... make you feel a little bigger and better when you manipulate someone... when you make someone believe in you? 

If it makes you feel better, you succeeded. You had me completely fooled, and completely believing in you. You had me trusting you. As misplaced as I now realize that trust was, you had me fooled for awhile. I should have trusted my instincts months ago.

Alas, no need to worry. There will be no more crying to you, no more pleading for a few more moments, no more requests for advice. You won.

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