Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pointless Post

There truly is no purpose to this post other than to write. Pointless posts, writings, journal entries, notes - they can help rid the soul of excess weight. Or, they can just keep a person from dying of utter boredom. Is it possible to die of boredom? I wonder if there are any cases where such a thing actually happened. Although, I suppose it can be argued that boredom was an instigator in some deaths - a person who goes out bungee jumping, plummeting to this death, may have decided to take on this risky form of entertainment to alleviate a bit of boredom.

But, I am jumping off topic. Not that I really have a topic. It's too early in the morning to have a topic. Mornings - hateful little things, they are. I must admit, however, we've been getting along much better in recent years than we once used to. Of course, I once used to work until 3am, which made 8am not much of a nice person. Then, there were the times where I just didn't feel like waking up and dragging my sorry ass into work. But the past two years - unless I'm not feeling well - I haven't had this issue. I like going to work. And I've found I enjoy going in half-hour early. How odd is that? Well, odd for me anyway. Work isn't supposed to be enjoyable.

But again, I seem to be hopping all over the place. My fingers, I believe, have had too much coffee this morning. Granted, I've only had three cups, but I've only been awake for 45 minutes. But, of this three cups, my fingers probably only received approximately an eighth of a teaspoon - if even that much. Probably would be more like a drop. Is that enough for fingers to get all jittery and babbly?

Babbly - I like that non-word. It's one of my most used non-words, although I don't believe I use non-words all that often. But, I truly believe everyone should have their own special non-word, and should use it often, and see if it catches on. Who knows - your non-word may be the next word to make it into the dictionary. Yes, yes. Our dictionary is full of words which used to be simple non-words, made up by people - most likely by accident - that just seemed to catch on. Adorkable is one of my favorites that I don't think has made it into a dictionary yet - but is just a really adorkable word. But my word? Mine is babbly. Well, one of mine is babbly. I have a few others, too, but cannot think of them off the top of my head.

Which brings me to my next topic...

Wine. I want to learn to make wine. Has anyone ever had dandelion wine? That could be good to make, if it tastes any good, as there is always an overabundance of dandelions around here. And, it's a good song. Seems to me I've read a book called Dandelion Wine once too. Maybe. Or perhaps I'm just losing my mind. Maybe making dandelion wine was part of the book. Hm, now I am curious. I hate when I can't fully recall something... just bits and pieces of it. So now I will try to push aside the frustration of not recalling the origins of this story topic, and shall instead go research how to make dandelion wine. If anyone has actually made it before and has a good recipe, let me know.

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