Friday, October 2, 2015


Below are a few a couple poems I wrote a month or so ago. They need to be edited yet, but figured I'd post anyway...

Love hesitantly but deeply
Trust openly but few
As the moon beans shine upon
The deserving

As the wind caresses
Dreams brightly dance
Hold onto those dreams
As you hold one’s heart

Tenderly when they make you smile
Fearful but forgotten when they bring pain

Week like the storm clouds
For those who weep with you
Wrap your cold fingers around
Those who cannot

Surrender to the power hands
That reach out like silken threads


The dreams slowly come alive
as the fire embers burn,
never ending,
never dying,
always heated
even though retreated.
Just one touch,
just one time,
hold me near.
Just one heart,
just one need,
nothing to fear.  (9/21/2015)