Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye (and good riddance) 2011

As I start typing this, we are 20 minutes into the new year. It was one of those years which I really want to say was a horrid year - but then I remember that most of those negative things had something good attached to them. So, instead of writing all the good things, or all the bad things, that 2011 brought, allow me instead to give the list of things I have learned this past year...

1) Watching your child rolled away to surgery is probably the most difficult thing a parent can do (other than lose a child).

2) Sitting up until 4am desperately waiting to hear news on your husband/whether or not surgery is going to happen sucks.

3) Attempting to work after getting a grand total of 30 minutes of sleep since 7am the day before is just plain stupid.

4) Drinking and bleaching your hair when already feeling a little nauseous is also just plain stupid... and will lead to a 3 day puking spree.

5) A 3 day puking spree is an effective, although really crappy, diet plan.

6) People who feel it is within their right to judge others should be judged (and sent to hell) before anyone else.

7) 3 sisters, 1 vehicle, and a trip taking twice as long as it should is a helluva lot of fun, and the best adventure ever

8) 17 years is so long to wait to hold a brother again..

9) Hugging your sibling again after so many years is such a beautiful (yet somewhat bittersweet) feeling

10) Finding old friends often turns out different than one would expect

11) The past is rarely what you believe it was

12) Making the decision to say goodbye hurts - but is sometimes the only decision

13) Losing someone you love is always difficult - no matter the reason, distance, or years. I love and miss you Grandma.

14) Having lost someone close to you is a hurt that never goes away... no matter the reason, distance, or years. Brandon - it's been 11 years; Matthew - it's been over 2 years. I love and miss you both.

15) ALWAYS make sure the people you love know how you feel. They may not be here tomorrow.

I could probably come up with several more, but shall stop here tonight. Happy New Years everyone. May 2012 bring you all your hopes and dreams.