Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pointless Post

There truly is no purpose to this post other than to write. Pointless posts, writings, journal entries, notes - they can help rid the soul of excess weight. Or, they can just keep a person from dying of utter boredom. Is it possible to die of boredom? I wonder if there are any cases where such a thing actually happened. Although, I suppose it can be argued that boredom was an instigator in some deaths - a person who goes out bungee jumping, plummeting to this death, may have decided to take on this risky form of entertainment to alleviate a bit of boredom.

But, I am jumping off topic. Not that I really have a topic. It's too early in the morning to have a topic. Mornings - hateful little things, they are. I must admit, however, we've been getting along much better in recent years than we once used to. Of course, I once used to work until 3am, which made 8am not much of a nice person. Then, there were the times where I just didn't feel like waking up and dragging my sorry ass into work. But the past two years - unless I'm not feeling well - I haven't had this issue. I like going to work. And I've found I enjoy going in half-hour early. How odd is that? Well, odd for me anyway. Work isn't supposed to be enjoyable.

But again, I seem to be hopping all over the place. My fingers, I believe, have had too much coffee this morning. Granted, I've only had three cups, but I've only been awake for 45 minutes. But, of this three cups, my fingers probably only received approximately an eighth of a teaspoon - if even that much. Probably would be more like a drop. Is that enough for fingers to get all jittery and babbly?

Babbly - I like that non-word. It's one of my most used non-words, although I don't believe I use non-words all that often. But, I truly believe everyone should have their own special non-word, and should use it often, and see if it catches on. Who knows - your non-word may be the next word to make it into the dictionary. Yes, yes. Our dictionary is full of words which used to be simple non-words, made up by people - most likely by accident - that just seemed to catch on. Adorkable is one of my favorites that I don't think has made it into a dictionary yet - but is just a really adorkable word. But my word? Mine is babbly. Well, one of mine is babbly. I have a few others, too, but cannot think of them off the top of my head.

Which brings me to my next topic...

Wine. I want to learn to make wine. Has anyone ever had dandelion wine? That could be good to make, if it tastes any good, as there is always an overabundance of dandelions around here. And, it's a good song. Seems to me I've read a book called Dandelion Wine once too. Maybe. Or perhaps I'm just losing my mind. Maybe making dandelion wine was part of the book. Hm, now I am curious. I hate when I can't fully recall something... just bits and pieces of it. So now I will try to push aside the frustration of not recalling the origins of this story topic, and shall instead go research how to make dandelion wine. If anyone has actually made it before and has a good recipe, let me know.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am not in need of saving

Something is bothering me.... which, actually, really isn't unusual. It seems something is always bothering me in one regard or another. But tonight...

Why is it that when you express your religious views, the bible-thumpers of the world feel the need to give you a lesson in Christianity? They always seem to find it necessary to treat you like a simpleton, uneducated in the words of the bible and the church, and obviously an unbeliever.

I believe in God. I simply do not put much stock in the church, or in the Bible even as it is missing too many books to be considered a true and accurate account.

This does not mean I need a lesson in Christ. I do not need Bible versus spouted at me. I have had more years of education in the church and Christianity then most of these people probably have had. Just because I am willing to question these teachings does not make me evil or uneducated. It actually makes me much more intelligent than those who blindly follow anything and everything they are taught.

So where does my hatred for the church come from? Well first, it is not a hatred. However, it is my experience with churches that they have twisted thinking (twisted from my thinking anyway). With the church:
  • We must pay an offering each week... and should we not because we can't afford it, we are looked down on. We are judged by our fellow church members.
  • We must focus on things which do not concern the church as a whole (and yes, I realize this one will probably stir up anger amongst the bible-thumping variety). These focal points include abortion, gay marriage, and other such concerns. If we do not believe the way the church believes, or refuse to openly pass judgment on people whom have had an abortion or are gay, we are then judged accordingly by our fellow church members. 
  • We must blindly recite bible verses and creeds and prayers. We must blindly accept the Bible as accurate and complete, and accept God in the same fashion as is described in the Bible, and accept the church and religion as a whole in the same way. Should we not, we are judged. Should we dare question any of these items, we are judged. 
In addition to these points which have continued to be a fact in my life with the church, I have also had poor experiences when it came to turning to the church for help. For example, as an abused child, I turned to my pastor for guidance (actually, turned to two pastors). I was quoted the 4th commandment. Sorry, not helpful. And as a result of this inaction, I have two dead brothers. So yes, there is some bitterness I suppose.

As for the Bible - there are approximately 500 books and other writings that never made it into the Bible. The Roman Catholic Church is who determined which books should be in the Bible (and we all know how pure that group is), and they left out anything which went against their plans for religion. The 6th and 7th Books of Moses? Refused because they are in the realm of magic and the occult. The Book of Adam and Eve? Who knows why that wasn't allowed - it gives a good tale of life after they were expelled from the garden. The Gospel of Judas? Well, this one was only just found again a few years ago, but tells an interesting story of how Judas didn't betray Jesus - he was Jesus' best friend and was asked by Jesus to betray him so that he could die for us. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas describes Jesus' life as a boy, including stories of him killing a child, making villagers blind, and other such acts. Or what of the other dozen or better gospels which were withheld from the Bible? How can anyone say the Bible is the true and accurate account of God and Jesus when so much has been withheld from it - withheld by a corrupt, self-interested party?

But anyway, I shall get off my soapbox for now. All I request is that you please don't treat me like someone in need of saving. God and I have a very good relationship... or, at least, one which I will continue to work on... and your help is not required. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Writing Prompts?

I've decided I really need to get back into writing. Unfortunately, now that I have the time, coming up with the topics isn't always that easy. I do have a few "writing prompts" websites saved - and yeah, they're ok - but it really isn't what I want. I mean... "write about something blue" may be interesting to some people, but it just doesn't strike me as an interesting write or read.

So, I've come up with my own plan.

Each day, I will go to one of my friend's Facebook wall, and will take one of the statuses of the day or week, and will base my blog post solely on that status. This should be fun, yes? The status used may be a picture or song which has been posted, or perhaps a comment under a particular status. And I may not fully give the details or exact quote of the status or picture or video. I will simply write about it.

Yes, I do believe this could be strangely interesting.

Perhaps I shall start a book - the insanity of Facebook. Or the insanity caused by Facebook. Or... oh who cares. There really is no point to this whatsoever other than to give me something to write (and yes, I do realize I have several unfinished novels I could be working on instead).

Should anyone have any writing prompt ideas, please feel free to share them with me!

The Race Card

There was a time when I wholeheartedly joined a large group of people claiming to be sick of different groups/cultures "pulling the race card." It seemed to be the case all the time. Jimmy was killed because he was black. Jimmy was arrested because he was Hispanic. Etc., etc., etc.. But now? I'm sick of the people saying "the only reason he was arrested is because the blacks are pulling the race card"... blah blah blah.

I don't care who is white, black, yellow, or purple with pink polka dots. Stop the race shit. Stop saying things happened because of race. Stop saying things happened because people think it happened because of race. It's all discrimination. I don't care how you spin it... if you're playing either side, you are prejudice against people whom are different than you. Don't say "the only reason people think he was innocent is because he was black" then try to sell the story that you're not prejudice. It's bullshit.