Sunday, February 17, 2013

Don't Read This Post!

Why? you ask.

For no reason whatsoever, other than the fact that no one reads my blogs anyway, so if I tell you all not to read it, than it was my decision and not that you all turned your back on me. Make sense? Yeah, I didn't think so either. But, for now we'll go along with that.

So, what is up with me? you ask. Not a whole lot. I probably should consider going to sleep, but as it's not even 11 yet, and I haven't gone to bed before midnight (usually closer to 1 or 2) for the past two weeks, I figure - why start now? Besides, I had a nap just a little bit ago.

I went to church today... and got to do sunday school... which actually just consisted of singing and crafts (no lesson today)... and consisted of only one kid. Yup, that was exciting. Although, she's a good kid... and we made cute little magnets.

I wrote another sermon today (have been doing so every day since Wednesday... it's a new Lent thing for me that I'm trying). Of course, last night, I wrote a smut story.... wrote a sermon about sin (particularly the sin of lust in thoughts)... then wrote part two of the smut story. Part 2, in my opinion, was much better. How wrong is it though to write a sex story than write about how wrong it is to think about sex? Interesting. I should probably be stoned. Or burned at the stake. Or something.

I also realized that I'm rather annoying. That's the only explanation I can come up with for why certain people disappear whenever I appear online. I really shouldn't be surprised by this. Telling someone you hate them may develop into feelings of wanting to abandon said hater. And really. I don't even care. I don't know why I ever tried to pretend to care. That's not who I am. It's not what I am. It's not why I am.

Hmmmm... why am I? Strange question. Why am I what? Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why am I psychotic? Why am I unworthy of the love of a friend? Why am I not writing another smut story right now? OOoo! I have an idea for a new one. Three-some anyone?

Not sure I could ever take part in a three-some. That's too many bodies/parts to keep track of. I can barely survive just two people involved... not that I even recall how that goes. I am capable of handling just one person involved, however.

And now I am completely veering off topic. Which, is actually quite acceptable as there is absolutely no topic to this post. Oh - and for anyone who may be reading this who knows me.... I'm really not me. And everything within this post is a lie. And none of it should be seen by the public. I'm really just throwing things into this post to see a) who actually reads it; b) who has the balls to say something to my face; c) how quickly someone on the other side of town hears about what is written here - although by the time it gets to someone else, none of what is gossiped will actually be written here. It'll probably turn into some... "omg! she had a three-some in a church and ended up starting a fire and getting burned by the cross..."

Ooooh! Three-some in a church! How bad would it be to write a smut story like that? Of course, I believe on the Garden blog, I already have a story or two which takes place inside a church.

But anyway, before I go forth and write something which is probably blasphemous, and could end up being a one way ticket to hell, I must first go forth and finish my laundry, lest I end up arriving at work in the nude.

Good night my dear sweet followers. And by the way, if you read this - shame on you! Punishment shall await you.

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