Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'm one of those strange people who would rather go through bags of used clothes than go shopping at a clothing shop. I love people's old clothes. And, I have a hard time giving up clothes - I get attached to certain items and just can't get rid of them.

But, about 6 months to a year ago, I finally went through all my clothes and got rid of the things that didn't fit. Granted, there were a few articles I kept even though it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever fit into them again. But, for the most part, I did get rid of them. And, as is tradition, once that pile is sorted out from the keepers, it's a free for all. The girls can snag whatever they want. And, this usually dwindles the pile down by at least half.

Today, my 15 year old informs me she just went through her clothes, and had already given her younger sis a go at the pile of give-aways. Yay! My turn! I took a good half of what was left of the pile... including several pairs of jeans/pants that she had taken from my pile a year ago. Ah it feels good to have lost 15 pounds since I last gave away clothes. Not that I could fit into most of those jeans still.... 4 years ago, I was a size 3/4... then I gained 30 pounds.And yes, I've lost half of that now... but that's still 15 pounds heavier than a size 3/4. Ah well. I will get there again. Somehow. Someday. Maybe.

But, that aside... I had a great time going through the clothes... and got several adorable new outfits without having to spend a dime. And the great thing - these clothes are already worn in. I do so love used clothes.

Today's Playlist:

BBMak: Pretty much the entire Sooner or Later CD

And, when Caity and I were out walking around...:
Florida Georgia Line - "Cruise"
Casey James - "Crying on a Suitcase"
Gloriana - "Can't Shake You"

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