Friday, February 22, 2013

I just can't stop... :)

The family is all in the other room watching the movie Ted. I made it through the first 30 minutes before I just couldn't take any more. That is such an awful movie. I hate movies which have so much senseless swearing and disgusting jokes and drug use and sex and blah... it was just horrible. So, I came into my room. And I wrote my sermon for the night. While drinking a glass of experimental wine.

And oh my heavens is that experimental wine so horrific. It's almost as bad as the movie I couldn't finish watching. Well, obviously not that bad considering a) I'm still not watching the rest of the movie and b) I did go get another glass of this terrifying liquid. But, it almost takes like pee... not that I know what pee tastes like.... but I imagine it's probably better than this stuff.

So what kind of wine am I drinking? It's made out of cherry juice and sweet tea. See, a few weeks ago, I made a wine out of sweet tea and SodaStream Half & Half (half lemonade/half tea). And that was the BEST wine I've ever tasted. So I saw this half bottle of cherry juice in our fridge and no one liked it/wanted to drink it. So I figured I'd try it out with sweet tea. And, that's the last time I'll be doing that. Although, I do have to say, I think this is the strongest wine I've made... it's kind of kicking my arse right now.

In other news... Have you ever been hit with a hint so unsubtle, it knocked you on your ass? Yeah. I'm a little slow... I probably should have picked up on the subtler hints months ago. But well, when you have a supposed friend say "don't you have someone else you can talk to?"... yup, hint taken. Sorry it took me so long. Now, please go fuck yourself. :)

One question I have - why do people feel the need to so consistently point out their belief that there is no God? I mean seriously... even if I didn't believe in God, I would be completely annoyed by the behavior of these people. It's almost like they have to consistently say this to remind themselves... It's almost like they find themselves almost believing and it scares them, so they post something stupid online condemning believers and "proving" there is no God, or simply insulting believers and God. It just gets so annoying and stupid. Grow up. Seriously.

If you don't believe in God, or in a higher power, or anything else, fine. That's your prerogative. But you really don't need to annoyingly point this out every other hour. I do believe... and with the exception of sharing my sermon posts when I write them, I don't feel the need to consistently try to change your mind on religion... so don't try to change mine. See how that works? Pretty cool, huh?

So... what else can I babble about?

Ohhh! I cleaned my room today. Well, most of it. I at least put away the 6 large piles of folded clothes that took up 1/4 of my room. And, straightened up the mess of paintings, paint, easels, paint pallets, crafty things, etc that took up another 1/4 of my room. It's kind of funny... this is my husband's and my room.... we have two dressers and a fairly large closer... of which he has 1/2 of one dresser and about 1 foot of closet rod space. Actually, it's probably closer to 6 inches of closet space if you consider the fact that I've stolen the clothes of his which take up the other 6 inches. I love men's shirts :) Especially flannel shirts. Not the lady flannel shirts either - those are too girly. I like just a nice large man's flannel shirt. They make good pj's too. Yup, just the flannel shirt.

And... I can't think of anything more to babble at the moment. So, I shall hush :)

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