Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear me at 17/18 (Part 3)

One more has recently come to mind...

Dear me at 17... even though he might drive ya crazy, the one you think of as a big brother really does know what he's talking about. You really should consider listening to him every now and then.

Love ya Timmy :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear me at 17/18... (part 2)

Once again I've found myself listening to "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley. And once again it has me thinking back to when I was 17 and 18. As I said in a previous post, there is so much I would want to tell this person if I could write a letter to who I used to be. Not that I would have listened... but, I would still like to be able to send a letter back in time. And what else would I tell her? First, go read my previous post if you haven't already (Dear me at 17). And here is the continuation of that letter...

Friendship - while it is something you claim to hold dear, as you grow older you'll realize how easily you let it go. Don't. There are some whom, while the friendship is cut short, it is a friendship you will treasure forever.

And, while still on the subject of friendship, there is one who will stand by you, but whom you easily dismiss. Don't. He is the one person who, more than anyone else, will help you through one of the roughest moments of your life. And, he is one who truly loves you. Allow him to tell you this. Allow yourself to listen. Allow love to touch you.

Listen to your instincts. There are those you love deeply which you begin to doubt, but fight to hold onto. Don't. It isn't that they aren't worth your love, but more that their love was never for you. Let them go, and allow yourself to see others whose love is true.

And, for now, this is the end of my letter to myself. No worries - I am sure I will come up with a part three.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The garden, the shelf and the darkside

To answer the questions some friends have asked... and those who haven't yet asked...

This is the Darkside of the Rose. This is the usual me... the rambling me. The one who makes no sense, nor tries to. This is the me who gets angry (wants to kill someone slowly). This is the one who posts song lyrics and poems and other little ramblings.

The garden, also knows as Passion's Garden, is where my short stories hide which are not for innocent eyes/ears/minds.

The shelf, more correctly called the Bottom Shelf, is where I decided to hide my novel - Whispers in the Hall. Whispers is only about half finished, if even that, and hasn't been touched in over 6 months. That said, the site holds everything through chapter 8 if you're interested.

If anyone wishes to read any of my work, and would like addresses to either the garden or the shelf, please let me know. I love showing off my insanity. And please, share it with others. Comment on it. Tell me you hate it. Tell me you love it. Tell me to go to hell.