Monday, December 31, 2012

Good riddance 2012!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, every December 31st (or January 1st) I post something. This used to be New Year resolutions. But, as I never hold to those resolutions past January 1st, I came to learn that it was a waste of time to make them. So, a few years ago, I started writing my "Things I learned this year" posts on New Year’s Eve. I will be doing this again, but I think I will also toss in a few resolutions just because I feel like it. So... onto the list of what I've learned this year...

  1. Beer tastes so much better in Germany/Austria. 
  2. Martinis are GREAT! Especially when enjoyed with good friends in Austria.
  3. Schnapps in Austria is not as good as in the US... but packs a much better punch, and isn't half bad when you've already had a few very tall glasses of beer
  4. German/Austrian chocolate is the best. As is coffee, and expresso, and pretty much everything over there.
  5. Trains are fun!
  6. Ghosts really do drain camera batteries.
  7. Nothing feels better on a hot summer night than a dip in the pool.
  8. I know how to grill! AND… I’m damn good at it!
  9. Kids really can be very giving… very selfless.
  10. A 3 hour car ride with a pastor while running on very little sleep and a lot of physical labor (i.e. emotionally and physically totally drained)… can be very oddly spiritually uplifting.
  11. A 3 day drinking spree can lead to a 3 day puking spree.
  12. The saying “If it can go wrong, it will”…. Can and does happen.
  13. The saying “God only gives you as much as you can handle”… is bullshit. However, somehow, it does seem the strength to continue handling what is given is strangely there.  
  14. There are such things as angels… they may not have wings or a halo, but they are here with us, giving us strength, holding our hands when we need it, lending us a shoulder when we need one, wrapping us in their arms and in love when we need it the most. Thank you.
  15. A little spirituality/church/Bible reading/believing isn’t such a bad thing.
  16. Cancer is evil and needs to die.
  17. I hate emergency rooms/hospitals.
  18. Trusting/caring for people isn’t a horrible idea.
  19. Losing the one person you’ve allowed yourself to trust is one of the hardest things to deal with, but…
  20. When you truly love and trust that person, you know that you will never truly lose them (even if you try obnoxiously to push that person away... stubborn brat).
So, there are the top 20 lessons I learned in 2012. There’s probably actually many more… but this is the ones on the tip of my tongue (fingers) tonight.

NOW… onto the Resolutions!
1.      AFTER this latest bottle of JD is gone, no more drinking (I anticipate this resolution will last a week :-) )
2.      I will attend Church at least 3 weeks a month (gotta give me a week or two to sleep in…or just skip church because I’m lazy… and at 3 weeks a month, that’s still 12 times more than I used to attend church in a year :-)  )
3.      I will write a sermon every week (at least one)
4.      I will have Whispers in the Hall completed by the end of this year (edits and all.. and hopefully on its way to publication)
5.      I will start opening myself up more… letting more people in
6.      I will TRY to not irritate a certain someone via email quite as often (which basically means… 5 times a week rather than 2-3 times a day…)
7.      I WILL fit back into my size 3’s by summer
8.      I will let go of the past and move forward
9.      I will work harder both at home and work, striving to do my best in everything
10.  I will come up with a 10th resolution :-)

Ok there ya have it…. Coming up with resolutions was actually rather difficult. But anyway, with three hours left of this year… I wish everyone the best in 2013. May you find love… may you reach your dreams – or at least reach for them… and may happiness and peace find and follow you throughout the new year.

To my friends and family… I love you…

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