Saturday, December 22, 2012


Several years ago, I got interested in painting and drawing. Now, I rather suck at both, but, the interest is still there. I generally really get into this form of creative outlet when I'm unable to write. Well, a few days ago, I had a serious desire to paint. So I scoured the house trying to find a blank canvas I could paint on But, I couldn't find one. Tonight, I finally managed to find a few - not blank ones, but canvases that can be painted over as they were unfinished anyway. And, upon finding them, the desire to paint left.

So instead I pulled out all the paintings I could find that I have done and looked through them. And remembered that I had a few of them which I had taken pictures of a year years ago. So, I decided to post them here.

Without further ado... a look at some of my favorite paintings...


This is only a small handful - and only the ones I already have on my computer. Perhaps later tonight I will get some more onto my computer.

Additionally, I will do drawings and sketches, scan them onto my computer, and color them/alter them. Here are some of my favorites:



A few otherhobbies include a) making web graphics; b) adding my poetry, or bits of my poetry to images; and c) altering photos to turn them into interesting graphics.  Below is a small gathering of such works...

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