Friday, December 24, 2010

What is Our Purpose:

What is Our Purpose: (reposting as I seem to have deleted the original)

First, allow me to begin by giving you all a short history lesson. Millions of years ago there was a big ball of essence, one all powerful soul. Consider something along the lines of the Big Bang theory, as it would pertain to this ball of energy. It was split into hundreds of thousands of families. Through the years each of these families split, and these newly split souls split again, this time just once, into twins. Just as generations of families inherit similar characteristics, so did these souls that belong within families. They share similar thoughts and desires, likes and dislikes, dreams and fears.

These families make up soul mates. Every soul has a few or perhaps several soul mates - people that they know they belong with. These don’t have to be lovers, although they usually are because they share a similar passion. Also, each soul has a twin soul. This twin soul again can be anyone, not necessarily a lover. It’s the person whose thoughts you can sense or read, almost as if there is some form of telepathy between you both. It’s the person who, no matter the miles between you, can sense when you’re in pain, or when you’re happy. Neither of you are truly happy unless the other is.

Now consider this - if neither soul is happy without their twin, and no soul is complete without it’s family, then it stands to reason that our purpose in life is to find these other souls. To complete oneself and one’s family. We all wander the earth through time, seeking out that completion, that oneness that we all deserve. We may not always like our soul family, may not get along. This is true in any family. But there is always a sense of belonging or loyalty to these families. We know that we must continue to search, to unite each twin, each family, and eventually be reunited into one complete essence. Of course, for a million years this has not happened yet - we have not been able to finish our task due to the short life-span of humans. The soul lives forever, constantly seeking, yet the body dies.

Perhaps these souls enter another human when their original host dies. Most likely, that host wasn’t even the original host. But through this changing of bodies, comes a change of location. Perhaps one soul has found its twin in Canada somewhere, but the twin’s host body dies. That soul is then put into someone in Ireland. Eventually these two souls will find each other again, but it probably won’t be until they’ve both been through several hosts. In other words, our lives are a constant, seemingly never-ending search for completion. It’s part of a continuous battle that has existed for thousands of centuries.

Of course, this is just one odd theory, but it sounded good when it came into my thoughts. It could just as easily be possible that we’re simply pawns in a game of chess being played by gods or demons.

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