Friday, December 31, 2010


I really can't complain about 2010. Granted, it had it's downs. But, it had a lot of ups as well.

My writing has seemed to dwindle this year, several of my works not seeing much, if any, change in the past twelve months. And my husband's health slipped earlier this year, to the point where we're sitting on the edge of needing a kidney transplant. But, the health is holding steady now - not getting better, but not needing that surgery quite yet. And the writing has been temporarily replaced with me going back to school for a degree in computer information technology.

I also got a new job this year, one which I love and enjoy. Again, no where near the vicinity of writing, but this is okay with me. Having multiple personalities, it is often necessary to have a wide array of interests just to keep everyone happy.

I've had many old friends come stumbling back into my life, friends which I've missed through the years, and love dearly. And above all, I have the greatest children I could ever ask for. Yes, they drive me nuts, but they're all good kids with their own strengths - strengths which are becoming more evident as they get older. I've seen another child start high school this year, and one start junior high. One has been researching colleges.

I've had my bouts of slipping into that dark place, of remembering those I've lost. And have had friends who've stumbled and are now lost to us. Not a day has gone by this year that I haven't thought about my brothers, Brandon and Matthew, two lovely, loving boys who will live in my heart forever, and who I know are watching over me and the rest of my siblings. But through the strength and love of family and friends, the tears don't fall quite as often.

So, to all I hold dear, Happy New Year. Thank you for helping me through another year and I hope you all have a wonderful 2011.

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