Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lessons learned in 2010

While everyone else sits around making New Year's resolutions which will be broken before January 1st is over, I like to look back on the year and what I've learned. And so here are just a few lessons I have learned in 2010.

1) Drinking and emailing people is just bad. If you're lucky, the receiver of the email won't be able to read the bad typing. But, as is usually the case, they will be able to read and understand it...and you'll be really wishing you could hit an undo button.

2) Sometimes, the first step in forgiving someone, is forgiving yourself.

3) Forgiveness actually can be a great feeling, and can lead to good friendships (again).

4) Often times, the person you trust most will be the person to let you down. And the person you least expect to treat you like dirt, will be the one to do so.

5) True friendships remain true and strong no matter how many years pass by.

6) It IS possible to stay drunk for 4 days straight. This, however, is strongly NOT recommended.

7) Teenagers are completely stupid...just as stupid as we were at that age.

8) There is absolutely nothing wrong with having voices in your head. And if they ever tell you otherwise, kick 'em out.

9) Remember when your parents said "I hope when you have a kid, that she is JUST LIKE YOU!"? Yeah, it will happen. And you'll find yourself wishing the exact same thing on your children.

10) Having to call the ambulance twice within one weekend will drive you to the brink of insanity. However, you do find out exactly how strong you are when you're at your weakest.

11) Life still sucks. But, maybe not as much as I once believed.

12) Vincent from Beauty and the Beast is still a turn on. As are vampires. There's something about darkness that is very compelling.

And the most important thing I've learned this year...

13) I truly am blessed. I have a great family, including a husband of 17 years, children who drive me nuts but are my life, and the best friends a person could ever ask for, and a wonderful fulfilling job, two sisters who mean the world to me, my unofficial family who is still in my life, and so much more.

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