Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Bad Remake

The actors are all the same. Older, but the same. The setting, a bit different, but unimportant.

The characters:
Jimmy, the ever there (but most likely wishing he wasn't there) friend
Galen, the unrequited love. Or, more accurately, the one who can never be
Grant, the stable one. The no-strings-attached, turned wtf?
Carl, the one not written in, but suddenly there as he always was
Tommy, the reluctant friend. A great guy, but intelligently always staying out of the mainstream issues.
Mara, the multi-personality dimwitted dumbass

It always seemed it was these people. They were there in the beginning, in one way or another. No matter how much Mara tried to ignore what was there, it would never leave. She would always find herself torn between different loves and desires. And now, as life continues for her, she with her consistent bouncing between grant and galen and river (another party of this novel), another comes into play. And another. This story is quickly becoming out of control. Quickly becoming a thing of the past. Something she ran away from, but seems to have run directly into.

This all said, "Whispers in the Hall" will be done soon for all to read who really want to...

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