Friday, December 31, 2010

I Suck...

Yes, as of late, my writing has taken a downhill spiral. I used to be able to write poems and stories which, although I always thought sucked, others enjoyed. And I always could at least say they had a bit of a flow to them. The words would spring from my fingertips quickly and easily; my brain always moving just a hair quicker than I was able to write or type.

But now? Now I get it started, and it's flowing for a few lines, and then it happens. I can't think of the right word or worry the flow isn't happening. I'm searching for soemthing specific instead of just letting myself feel it. And it comes out sounding forced, lacking any special qualities.

Maybe it's because I'm starting out knowing what I want and trying too desperately to get that result. Maybe it's because my talent is dwindling. Maybe it's because I never had any talent and am just now starting to realize it.

Maybe I'm just out of practice and I need to write more and torment people more. Yes, that could be it. Ok so there is a minor flaw to that - I don't have any people who read this. But, no matter. I have voices in my head which will be thrilled (or not) to be tormented. Yes, yes. Torment is such fun.

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