Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best and Worst Dedication Songs

How many of you have had a song dedicated to you? Or have dedicated a song to their significant other? I think it's fairly safe to say we all have at one point or another.

Now then, for those over the age of 35 - how many of you have had a Chicago song dedicated to you?

I only ask this because that was one group I remember being a common dedication, particularly "You're the Inspiration." Boring. I am sorry for everyone I've offended with this, but truly, this song is a boring dedication. It's cliche. It's been done before. Hundreds of thousands of young girls swooned when this song came on the radio because their boyfriend had dedicated the song to her. And it isn't just this song or this group. Every generation has its share of cliche dedication songs. And quite honestly, the guys who dedicate these songs have no imagination whatsoever. In fact, I'd say it really is no different than the guys in the 80's and 90's (and before and after) - dedicate sappy swoon-worthy love song, get in girl's pants.

But honestly, if girls are going to swoon over an over-dedicated song, they're stupid. I know. I've been stupid.

So what are the best dedication songs? Easy - songs that remind you of him/her. Did you dance to a particular song on a night you'll always remember? Is the lyrics so completely him/her? For example, have you caught your girlfriend singing and dancing in the kitchen, thinking no one is watching? Dedicate Joe Nichols' song "Gimme that Girl" to her. Or maybe she likes taking long baths and dancing in the rain, and cries during old movies. Dedicate John Michael Montgomery "I love the Way You Love Me."

Country obviously isn't the only music for dedications. I've just simply been in a country mood lately, and therefore those are at the tip of my fingers more-so than anything else.

Maybe there's a song you used to jokingly sing to someone else (i.e. "You're Every Woman in the World" sang by girlfriend to boyfriend...). This is a good memory, though silly and stupid. But it's a song you'll remember forever because of the memory attached to it.

Basically, the moral of this long rambling - Don't be boring. If you're going to dedicate a song, make it mean something. Don't dedicate one of those stupid you're everything to're beautiful...I love you just the way you are...blah blah blah songs.

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