Friday, November 19, 2010

Songs and Memories

A few moments ago I was reminded of how songs can bring back a memory, or a series of memories, or simply bring a person back in time. Some say smells will do this more than anything else. For me it has always been music. Nearly every momentous occasion in my life has a song behind it. Ok, so maybe not all these occasions are momentous, and not all momentous ones have a song, but many do.

The song "Jukebox Hero" reminds me of being a preteen/teen, spending Friday night family night (up until Dr. Who came on) dancing with my siblings. For all the hell we went through, dancing and having fun with them is a memory I will always cherish.

"Wonderful Tonight" brings back a memory just a few years ago. It's the first song my husband and I really ever danced to at an actual dance. It was at a street dance.

"Walking on Broken Glass" and "Bed of Roses" both bring me back to the week I spent in the psych ward. Yes, I was in the psych ward. But anyway, Y94 played these two songs repeatedly throughout the day, and as we psychos had nothing better to do than listen to the radio, these songs became fairly special to us.

"You're my Inspiration" reminds me of someone who was very special in my life many years ago. He was my one weakness, my greatest strength - the one I lived for and wanted to die for. (Yes, this was back in the psycho days...) Seriously, he was and is very important to me.

"Hard Habit to Break" was, ironically, the song that was playing when I walked out of someone else's life. I didn't realize until after I walked away, how much I left behind.

These are just a few songs that hold a great deal of importance to me. What songs bring you back to another time and place? What songs bring tears or smiles to your face because of the memories they bring with?

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