Friday, November 19, 2010

Songs and Memories pt 2

As I was sitting here playing a goofy game on Facebook and listening to music on Youtube, I thought of a few more songs and the memories associated with them. So, I decided to torment my two readers with these songs as well...

"Love in the Future" brings me back to freshman year in high school. That spring the school started an environmental organization. I spend the spring and most of the summer digging through garbage for recyclables, cleaning up along highways, and going to early Saturday morning meetings. And, there was even a fun party at the leader's home. Of course, he was just looking for college credit. Once he got it, he abandoned the group and broke my heart.

"Once Bitten Twice Shy" is another freshman year memory. I was in speech and debate (well, just debate) and so one of our trips was to Watertown, SD. We took an old school bus down, and cranked that song up the whole way there, and during the party we had that night in the Motel. That was a great trip.

"Bat Out of Hell" - this is a song that I have loved since I was a little child. But when I hear it, the one memory that sticks out the most is my Sophomore year of high school. Two friends of mine and I used to walk the halls with this song blaring, thinking we were all tough and cool. But the day I remember most was the day these two friends of mine made my guidance counselor get down on his knees and apologize to me. We had this song playing at the time.

But, I shall stop for now,. Don't worry though, I'm sure a part 3 will be soon to come.

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