Friday, November 26, 2010

Identity Crisis Fixed!

After having all my characters suffering an identity crisis the past several months, I think I have finally got them figured out. Grant - one of the main characters in "Whispers in the Hall" - and I sat down for a brief conversation the other day. In my meeting with him, I figured out a few very important things about him, and his duplicate.

See Grant, as well as every other character within Whispers, has a duplicate. They were supposed to be loosely based on these duplicates, but then I came to realize that the duplicates were falling short of being even remotely close to how the characters were, and it was turning out to be a bit of a crisis. I couldn't write great characters if the duplicates weren't nearly as wonderful.

But Grant helped me realize something. The duplicates whom I was basing my characters on, were characters in and of themselves. They never were how I created them - not in the real world. They were always figments of my imagination. Therefore, as figments of my imagination, they can be rewritten to match the characters.

Identity crisis solved. Just rewrite the characters - real and fictional.

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