Sunday, August 29, 2010

Curious...(please comment...)

I've been sitting here, half asleep, playing mind-numbing games on Facebook, and it seems the games have done the opposite of numbing my brain. It has made me think of odd questions. If you have a comment or answer to any of these, please feel free to post here, or on Facebook, or by messaging me. I'm just very curious about what people think since I don't really feel I think the same as many most of the time.

First question: Say you got pregnant many years ago but never told the father. Would you tell him now? What if this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage? Or abortion? Or adoption? If you were the father, would you want to know? Would it make a difference what happened to the baby or whether or not you and the mother were in love?

Second question: What if you found the love of your life - the one who got away - 20 years after he/she got away. Would you still love him/her? Would you try to reconnect? What if he/she is married? What if you are?

Third question: What if there was a big secret you had kept from someone many years ago. This secret explained so much about yourself, and probably could have avoided a lot of pain had it been told, but at the time you'd been too afraid to speak. Ten years go by and the opportunity presents itself for you to speak up. Would you? Even if you knew it's too late and revealing the secret now wouldn't change anything? Does it even matter?

Fourth question: Say you have a friend who keeps coming up with really odd and off-the-wall questions. Would you assume she's asking them out of personal experience, or just simply out of curiosity? Would it really matter? Does just seeing the questions make you think "is this about me? Is there something I need to know? What's she keeping from me?!"

Fifth question: Will you answer at least one of these? Just to satisfy a friend's curiosity?

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