Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Bits of Data

To love. To dream. To feel the burn of memories long ago past burning within. The feel of a touch, the tingle it leaves on your flesh. You want so desperately to reach out and touch the memory, to feel it again, to sense that beautiful spark just out of your grasp.

Memories. Such small little fragments, little bits of data stored away in your mind, and yet so powerful. One little memory carries the weight of a lifetime of love and hopes and desire. One little memory can cause an ache inside no drug can cure.

How you crave to taste that which created those little bits of data. The desire screams from within you, so loud and deep and real. Just one little taste. The feel of lips pressed against each other, the spark that shoots through your veins when tongues flick against each other, ever so briefly, much too briefly. You want to feel it again. Just once, although you know once will never be enough.

Cravings. Oh such cravings we aren’t meant to speak of, or feel. Forbidden cravings burning within. Just one taste. One feel of the flesh against your lips, one feel of flesh breaking beneath your bite, the heat, the rush, as the warmth flows over your lips, your tongue.

To love. To dream. To pray to whatever god or demon can bring you this desire, can make it live again. To whatever can bring to life these memories and satisfy this craving.

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