Saturday, August 7, 2010

I need a new back

Yup, my back is fu**ed up yet again. This is nothing new. It's been a mess since I was 13 and fell off a swing. Yes, I said "fell off a swing"...quit laughing. I've also gotten a concussion from falling off a merry-go-round, and ripped the muscles in my shoulder (which, by the way, is also fu**ed up right now) from playing on a man-lift, and pulled the tendons connecting my ribs to my sternum from playing with my husband. I'd be a great a walking advertisement for some kick-ass pain killers.

And damn could I use those kick-ass pain killers right now. Usually, a shot or two of JD and 4 Ibuprophen do the trick. But, I have to try to wean myself off using JD as a pain killer. Works great, but honestly - the bar is too damn far away and I'm in too much pain. So, I'm trying the 4 Ibu's I took two hours ago, and now a shot of NyQuil. Let's see how this works. If it doesn't, the bar is still open for another 3 hours. I'm sure I can whine enough till someone helps me out. Maybe. I think people around here are getting immune to my whining.

Anyway, if anyone has a back/shoulder/body they'd be willing to donate/trade, I'll be forever grateful.

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