Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little Green Dot

You sit there, nervously watching that little green dot. It's there. Will it do anything? Will it say anything? Do you want it to? Well of course you don't. You hate that little green dot. Or love it. You're not quite certain. Perhaps it's a little of both. More one than the other some days, but all days, you know which truly wins. You hide. And check again. It's still there, mocking you, teasing, waiting to see if you'll do anything. Waiting to see if you'll show the lack of strength and courage you truly have. You're too scared to blink - one blink and it might disappear. You're too scared to speak to it - one wrong word, or perhaps any word at all, will cause it to disappear.

This silly little green dot. This sweet, special, irritating green dot. Such a brat. You've told your hopes and dreams to this dot. You've told your fears. This little green dot has seen your tears and your laughter; has heard the worst of you, seen the best of you, been given the most of you, and destroyed the whole of you. And now here it is winking at you.

You pray it doesn't disappear. You hope it does disappear. You fear its presence and the inevitable lack of presence. You long to hear its words, to feel its touch, to know it's there. But it doesn't say a word. It doesn't even realize you exist anymore. This unfeeling little green dot lingers without a worry, unknowing of your fear and need and desire and pain.

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