Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just some more rambling...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the halls of my mind.... (I'm really sorry you got stuck in here... but don't worry... it isn't that frightening... usually... sometimes... maybe....)

Anyway, a few days ago I messed up my back (again) and therefore am essentially confined to my bed/heating pad at the moment (which sucks), and so I have very little to do other than write, or waste my brain cells watching television, or paint. Well, I already painted and watched tv (NCIS... 3 or 4 episodes). And, I did do a little writing, but felt like doing more. Therefore... Hello! :)

First... my painting!

It's a little blurry cuz of my camera, but oh well. You get the general idea of what it looks like.

And, for those wonderfully fun friends of mine that enjoy reading a short story... I posted part two of "Welcome Home" over at the garden. Make sure you read the first part first (although, it's a bit slow):
Part 1
Part 2

Those beautiful short stories not your cup of tea? Perhaps you'd prefer a rather short sermon. Head on over the Sermons from a Psycho to read my latest:
Water (pt 2) and Affirmation

That sermon should have been much longer, but after having been interrupted 3 or 4 times while writing it, I finally completely lost my thought process. But, it does link to a prior sermon I had written regarding water which, in my opinion, wasn't completely awful.

Speaking of being interrupted though... why do people completely ignore and avoid me... right until I start to write? It really is quite annoying. I watched 3 episodes of NCIS without a single person speaking to me (other than myself... but I'm allowed). But holy heckles in a handsaw, I start writing and "mom?"... "Brandi?"..."Yo biatch!?". I'm going to seriously start putting ghost chili sauce in people's beverages.

And now, Mr. Obsessed is messing with fish again. I hate fish. Although, my 12 baby mollies are getting huge! AND... I have 4 itty bitty baby Mickey Mouse Platy's. Well, 4 in a separate tank, and 2 that we left in with the mama (kinda hoping mama eats them like she did the other 3 or 4 or more).

But anyway, I'm still getting interrupted (why oh why oh why must we move baby fish into a different 1 gallon tank???) and my thought process has run away, and therefore I shall stop rambling for now.

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