Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bring the Darkness Back to Me

Bring the darkness back to me
The darkness that was stolen
Ripped away from me
Overtaken by a strange light
A strange warmth
An unwanted pain of knowing

Bring the darkness back to me
With all its comfort
It's familiar sweetness
It's familiar chaos

The voices cry out in agony
in mourning
for the loss of this cold blanket
surrounding my heart and soul

The voices whisper screams
of defeat
of need for this cold blanket
which wrapped me in quiet surrender

Bring the darkness back to me
Put out this flame
That burns bright and painful
blinding my eyes from what is real
Searing my soul from what should be

The voices breath upon this candle
in desperation
in need to smother this light
which threatens to keep
this cold blanket from wrapping
itself around me again

I am a child of this darkness
A child whose home has been
Ripped from me without thought
Without consideration
Without sympathy or permission

Bring the darkness back to me

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