Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bubble Wrap

 About a month ago, I was given one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. It wasn't flowers, or jewelry. It wasn't anything electronic, or anything edible. No photos or books or movies or anything similar. It was bubble wrap.

Yes, that's right... bubble wrap. A large box, approximately 8 cubic feet, filled with bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap - Up Close and Personal

Bubble wrap is cheap therapy. It's the type of therapy that works for all ages. I don't know of anyone between the ages of 2 and 200 that doesn't like bubble wrap. I do, however, know my dog isn't too fond of it....

So, what can we do with bubble wrap?

Pop it!

Wring it like a wet rag and get tons of Pop! Pop! Pop!s
popopopopopopopopopopopopop! :)

Dress up your stuffed animals:
Ain't I so adorable?

Dress up yourself!
Little Bubble-Wrap Riding Hood?

Almost resembles a nun in quiet bubble-wrapped reverence

Bubble Wrap diapers - Better than Huggies!

Bubble Wrap bikini - the swimwear that leaves no tan lines!
And now, I've found a very fun craft that can be done with bubblewrap! This craft is very messy and time consuming, but oh so very cool...

Hi! I'm a Bubble-wrap injected cross!

And I'm a bubble wrap injected heart :)

Aren't they so totally cool!?! All it is... water with food coloring injected into each bubble. That's it. Simple. And oh so totally cool!

So there you have it. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on "professional" therapy when all you need is one thoughtful friend to provide you with a box of bubble wrap?

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