Wednesday, August 15, 2012

People can go...

Fly a kite? Jump off a bridge? F@#$ themselves? Feel free to complete the sentence however you see fit. This said, allow me to warn you all that the next few posts on this blog may be slightly angry, fairly controversial, and I'm quite certain a few people will be insulted/upset with me. I'm also quite certain that I don't care. Lately, I have completely lost faith in the human species.... not that I had much to begin with. But yes, now it's gone. I have especially lost faith with that small minority who likes to pretend they're Christian (which, is pretty much all who say they are).

Why this loss of faith? Why am I so angry at the human race? Why not. It's actually quite simple. Although, I will admit that my anger and dwindling faith is not only aimed at the small minded species we call human. It is also aimed quite highly at that supposedly all-powerful, all-knowing, all-merciful creature up in heaven. If such an entity even exists. Many times I have wondered. Actually, I first started wondering when I was a child. Deep within, I believe, but lately... again?

Why even bother? I mean, seriously, what difference will it make if there is or isn't a God? Well, other than the fact that when we die, we won't truly die. I guess that's something... although if the people who go to heaven are as small minded as they are while they're on earth, I'm not sure if heaven is going to be a place I'd want to spend eternity. But, this is just a personal opinion.

Anyway, I'll quit bitching and get this one posted so I can start my first bitchy (first other than this one) post...

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