Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Pastors/Preachers:

Yes, this post is a letter to all pastors and preachers and such out there in the world. When I first started bitching in my head regarding this topic, it was actually aimed at one pastor, but I've realized it really is fitting for all. And while no pastors actually read this pretty little blog of mine, I feel I shouldn't insult too many (if you don't read it, you can't be insulted). Therefore...

Dear Pastor...

You think you're teaching them? Leading them? You think you're making a difference? You're not. These people are still the same judgmental, small-minded, hurtful little creatures they were before. They don't care who they hurt; they don't care if they cause people pain. They can't see beyond their own little minds and biases. They think they're better than everyone else.

They've recently learned that once again someone isn't perfect. One person who actually had the decency to say something to the imperfect's face made the comment "I get so mad when people expect these things to happen to people like you." As if to say that the person making the comment is better than the other person. Her family is better, and the other person's is crap. And this is only one person, and one of the comments, and to one person/family. So many more hurtful things are said, and are said by people you are supposedly leading.

I've asked before, and I will ask again - what is a "good" Christian? I'm quite certain it is not someone who spends their time talking bad about people. I'm quite certain it is not someone who judges others based on money, social status, skin color, or mistakes made by someone else in the family. The funny thing is, if you were to say any of this to your congregation, most of them would be shaking their heads and thinking to themselves "I don't talk bad about people... he must be talking about [fill in the blank]."

So what I've learned from you (not necessarily your words, but the actions of those you lead):
-> A "good" Christian is obviously someone who attends church every Sunday, and spends the next 6 days talking about how worthless their friends/neighbors are...
-> A "good" Christian is allowed to think they are better than others, and are encouraged to voice this opinion...
-> A "good" Christian should normally not voice this opinion to the "bad" person's face. It is much more effective when said behind a person's back.

Seriously, why do you bother? You're trying to lead a bunch of small-minded twits; people who don't understand or care about anything outside their own little world. You think you're helping them? You're not. And yes, I realize I'm being just as small minded and judgmental. The difference is - I'm willing to admit I'm doing this, and I will never say I am better than anyone else (except, I am better than anyone who thinks they are better than other people).

I could continue, but what's the point?

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