Friday, August 17, 2012

"Dear Pastor" Clarified

Well, it seems that my last blog post upset quite a few people. This in itself isn't a big deal. I warned everyone ahead of time that it was controversial. However, if people are going to be mad at me, I want it to be for the right reasons. Many people seem to have misinterpreted what I said... or perhaps I just didn't explain myself right... or perhaps I said what people think I did, but in some cases it isn't what I meant. Therefore... a bit of clarification...

I did not say (or did not mean to say) that every Christian thinks they are better then everyone else. I don't think Christians in general are bad people. I AM a Christian (something many people seem to disbelieve simply because I have the balls to say "bad" things religion, and am willing to question religion).

What I did say (or did mean to say) is that every Christian - every human for that matter - occasionally, and sometimes subconsciously, does act in a way that makes them think they are superior to someone else. I've done it... sadly, more times than I can count. And definitely more times than I am proud of. You see a family where the parents both do drugs. Their teenage child gets arrested on a drug charge. A person may automatically think "not a big surprise"... "she's been nothing but trouble"... or something else which is judgmental.

I know without a doubt that I am not perfect. I know I am in no way shape or form better than others. And I also know that I have been judgmental. But, I also know that because I am not perfect, I have no right to judge others or speak ill (or think ill) of others. Therefore, when I catch myself starting to think that way, I give myself a mental slap upside the head. And I ask forgiveness for this action.

My problem with some Christians is that they refuse to see this in themselves. They instantly say "I don't judge people! I'm a Christian, and I go to church, and I read the Bible, and I live a good life following the path God has laid before me. I would never judge!" And, they then turn around and judge people. And often don't even realize they are doing it, or that they are belittling someone. They don't realize it because they don't care, because for at least that brief moment in time, they do believe they are better.

My problem with pastors/preachers is that I feel they should spend more time explaining what being a "good" Christian is. They should spend more time teaching their congregations to be aware of their thoughts, actions and words. It isn't about going to church every Sunday. It's about being good to your neighbors, friends, enemies, and everyone else, 7 days a week. It's about recognizing our own faults, trying to better ourselves, and being willing to admit when we aren't acting in a good Christian fashion.

So, if anyone is going to be angry with me... go ahead, just make sure you understand why you're angry first. :)


  1. I think everyone at some point in their lives judges others - either intentionally or not. I do it. I'll admit I sin just like the rest of the world. As Christians, we shouldn't be acting like we don't sin. We do - just like everyone else. The only difference between us and the rest of the world is that we have come into a relationship with Jesus who died to cleanse us of those sins.

    I for one respect you immensely because you are open and honest about your feelings, especially in such a public forum as this blog. I read your last post, but wasn't all that certain how to respond to it. It didn't make me mad at all. In fact, I can relate to some of how you're feeling. And now reading this post, I understand what you were saying a little better, and I think even you have greater understanding of what you were trying to say.

    You summed it up perfectly when you pointed out that being a Christian isn't about just going to church on Sundays - it's about living the life 24/7.

    1. Thanks for the comment, David. I agree we shouldn't act like we don't sin. And, I think everyone needs to know that sinning goes beyond murder. And that it doesn't necessarily include going uptown and drinking, or smoking cigarettes, or other things which many people around here consider to be sinful activities. I think that is what bothers me... people who will speak badly about the person who goes uptown for a drink, judging those people as sinners not worth the effort to help. In my opinion, the person doing the judging is being more sinful.

      As for the previous post - I was angry when I wrote that. This one was written in a much more somber (downright depressed/worried/scared/sad) mood; and, as I was attempting to distract myself from that somber mood, I tried to think a little harder about what to write and how to write it. But, you are probably right that even I have a better understanding of what I was trying to say.