Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blood Lust

She enters the room, her skin so pale,
Her body weakened by hunger;
Her blood-lust has become a necessity,
Screaming for just a drop,
A small taste to resurrect her passion
He makes a small cut upon his wrist,
Offering it to her with a predatory grin.
She hesitantly tastes a little blood from him
Then begins feeding eagerly.
Wrapping round her,
He lets his breath caress over her skin,
His fangs scratching against her pale flesh.
She feels his blood surging thru her,
Her skin becoming flushed
From satisfaction and passion.
She bites into her own wrist, and offers it to him
He smiles, taking hold of her wrist,
And kissing the drops from her skin,
The taste burning his lips.
In a surge of lust he takes a tighter hold,
Driving his fangs into her flesh,
Feeling the burst of life explode into his being
She smiles, trembling at the heat
Coursing thru her veins as he feeds from her flesh.
She licks her lips
Savoring the last drops that were resting there.
As the heat builds so does the fever of his feeding,
And his hunger for the prey increases,
Feeling the intoxicating thump
Of the rhythm of her heart
He draws more of her sweet taste into himself,
Feeling it nourishing every fiber,
Feeling the power of her heart feeding him,
Driving his need more and more
With each beating of her heart
She can feel his strength growing
And she pulls him closer to her,
Needing once again to taste him,
Her desire escalating,
Her heart beating in rhythm with his
Upon feeling the 2 hearts beating as one,
Images flash in his mind of her thoughts;
Her view of the world is blended with his,
As the frenzy of the act builds
Seeing his thoughts in her mind as well,
She digs her teeth in deeper,
Enraptured by the taste of him,
By the desire building inside her
He, too, begins biting with more hunger,
Feeding on that desire,
Feeding on her hunger and feeling it fuel the fire
She pulls away, the intensity of their hunger
Growing too strong to continue
Yet so powerful that it calls to her,
His blood screaming for her to taste him again
He licks the droplets of her blood from his lips,
The images still flashing clear in his mind,
Every sinew aching for the fuel of her blood
Together they back away,
Their blood still screaming for each other
As they disappear into the shadows of the night,
Their hearts still beating steady and hard as one.

copyright 2004, Brandi Eissinger & Gordon McIntosh

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