Sunday, January 23, 2011

Precious Stones

Memories. I hold onto them like precious stones. Whether these memories bring tears or smiles and anger, they are what make me who I am here and now and forever. So many little things will bring up a memory. Coffee at Perkins, Astronomy class, English class, the college orientation dance. These are all good memories, vague, but bring a smile. Yet, they are bitter sweet at the same time. Halloween (which has its own set of memories), Pebble Lake, sunrises. Again, bitter sweet. Bryan Adams, crosses, swimming with friends. Driving for hours, talking till dawn, dreaming alone and hours.

Why is it so many memories must be so bitter sweet? Why do they bring smiles and tears? Why do I hold so tight to these simple little visions? Wonder Woman, Solar Stars, helicopters, grasshoppers? Little frogs, the cleaning fairy, sledding, dancing? Ballerinas, and tears and fears, and growing up.

So many people I've loved and lost. So many lives gone too early. So many loves fading into the sunset, never to rise again. This is life. This is what we cling to so hopelessly. This is what makes memories we hold close to us, like precious stones.

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