Saturday, January 22, 2011


What the hell? She's forgettable? She learned this fact several months ago, but it still nags at her constantly. How can someone not remember her? How can he not recall the passion and love and dreams and desires? How can he not remember at least a few things she remembers? It would make her memories and losses mean so much more if he would only remember. But he doesn't. He won't. She meant nothing to him.

Isn't this so often the case? One remembers the love and dreams and hopes. But the other? It was just another conquest. It hurts her to realize she was just another girl in his bed. Even now, after so many years have past, she doesn't like thinking she was just a notch on his bed - even if that's all he was for her.

Truth, love, sex, dreams, desires, passion, hate, memories. Is any of it real? Is any of it worth recalling? Is any of it more than just a concept racing through the mind?

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