Friday, February 11, 2011


Our lives are made up of firsts. Firsts which should be remembered and cherished. Or, at least remembered. I will admit some one may not want to cherish.

Can you remember....

1. Your first kiss?
2. Your first crush?
3. The first person you had sex with?
4. Those whose first you were?

Do you recall...

5. The first time you got detention?
6. The first time you took the blame for a friend?
7. The first time a friend took the blame for you?

What about...

8. The first song dedicated to you?
9. The first song you dedicated?
10. The first opposite gender who made you cry?
11. The first person you knew would always be there for you?

Do you remember...

12. Your first alcoholic drink?
13. The first time you did something illegal?
14. The first time you got "married"?

Can you recall...

15. The first time you got arrested?
16. The first time you wrote a story or poem?
17. The first time someone wrote a story or poem for you?

How about...

18. Your first love?
19. Your first REAL love?
20. The first time you ran away from that love?

I can't say I recall all the above. But I do remember many of them (or, those I am guilty of at least). I'd say, at least 13 or 14 of the above. And I will gladly reveal to anyone who wants to know. Please, feel free to share your firsts...

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