Saturday, June 6, 2015


Sitting next to sanity
in the light of night,
it maneuvers closer, brushing against me.

The warmth is oddly comforting
as it spreads.
The strange comfort frightens me
and I slink away
only to find moments later
it brushing against me yet again.

Did I move towards it
Or did it drift in
momentarily unnoticed
but not unwelcome?

I find myself shifting
moving closer, needing the warmth
Desiring the sanity,
Desiring all the chaos it promises.

As if sensing my withering hestitation
the sanity pulls away
playing games
Tempting, Teasing, Denying.

A tug o' war raging
between peace and turmoil
order and chaos
reality and dreams.

A war in which even should
Sanity win, the prize is

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