Friday, June 15, 2012


To say today was a good day wouldn't be completely accurate. Neither would saying it was a bad day... or an eventful day, or a weird day, or any other kind of categorical day. It was, quite simply, a day. An interesting one.

It started out, as most days do, with work. Now most would immediately consider this a bad day. Not me. I love work. Especially when it is relatively busy (but not so much that I'm getting lost and frustrated and worried about getting it all done. Today was one of those relatively busy days. This instantly places it in a good day.

I had to leave this good day at work early - I had a baseball game to get to. I run home, scurry around the house preparing everything needed - mitts, baseball, water bottles, snacks, uniforms, etc. We rush to the gas station for a fill. Then step on it to make sure we get there in time. Ten minutes on the road - phone call... game is canceled. A slightly illegal speeding to get ahead of a semi with time to hit the exit - and, we're turned around and going back home.

By now, it wouldn't make sense to go back to work. I'd get there, get my computer started, and it would be time to go home anyway. So, off to the park I go with my baseball/softball player children for a little practice. This was fun. Another family was already there, so the kids got a lot of practice with someone other than their mother.

Then it was back home again. And time to grill some hot dogs. And eat. These all make for the makings of a good day. Then, time to wander into the pool to clean it out. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool sucks. Not a good day. And yet, it was rather enjoyable and peaceful. Then, walking with the children. But first, we decided to stop and the grandparents, where I enjoyed a rather large shot of JD. But, it was a very appreciated shot, I must say.

Ahh! but I missed a very important part! After cleaning the pool, and before walking, I went into the house to be met by my almost-twelve-year-old. He informed me I had a phone call from some lady who left a message on the machine. I listened, checking out in confusion the name on the caller ID.... "I suppose you're not answering because you know who this is..." That's how the message started out. It took me a few moments to realize it was my biological mother. So anyway, she apparently will be calling me tomorrow.  This call, while it didn't ruin my good day, did give it a little twist. But anyway, back to the walk...

We walked... and walked... until the girls ran into some friends. I got to hold a bunny! He was really cute. But yes, this is rather off topic. Needless to say, there was a bunny in the vicinity of the friends. I went home temporarily, and reflected on things the whole way home and back to the kids' friends' house. I didn't make it to the friends' house. The kids were all in the parking lot of the church. So, I hung out with them. By this time, it was getting quite close to 10 pm. The kids spent half an hour or more being crazy insane in the church yard. I was being almost as insane, though as the adult, I won't admit to that other than here. We hid when the pastors came looking through the window. We told ghost stories. We discussed all the annoying people in the school.

At 10:30, we decided it was time to head home. And, we then put on swim wear and hunted down the floating pool lights. And, we went for an 11pm swim. Of course, if it was warmer than 55 degrees outside, we probably would have stayed out longer than 20 minutes. But, it was still fun. And now, I'm sitting here pounding away on a keyboard - something I consider to be what makes the difference between an ok day and a great day...

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