Saturday, July 18, 2015

Between Heaven and Hell

In trying to write a different post, I went searching through my poetry as I knew I had written a few about being on the line between heaven and hell. Well, I didn't find what I was looking for - but did find a few with this concept. And so, figured I would post them here.... 

On the Edge of Heaven and Hell


He came into her life on the wings of an angel,
carrying with him love and hope and dreams.
From the moment they met their hearts held each other close.
With a simple hug which seemed to join their souls,
they stood on the edge of heaven and hell.
His soft spoken words of longing and love
were met with an insatiable thirst..
As their lips met in uninhibited fervor
they walked that fine line between paradise
and eternal damnation.
This poisoned love could never have been more wrong,
or more right
as they clutched to each other’s hope-filled souls.
They knew they didn’t belong together,
that they each had to return to their separate
planes of existence,
places that had no room for the other,
but their hearts were forever welded together
with links of desperate yearning.
Was it truly love that held them close
or just the fear of not being needed or desired?
Was it truly love that convinced them to continue believing in
or simply the realization that being alone was hell in itself?
They fought for answers,
fought for a hopeless love,
fought to hold onto the dream.
As their bodies melded together in earth shattering passion
they found themselves crossing that line
but to where they weren’t quite sure.
The perfection of it all found them drowning in a paradise
neither of them had ever experienced nor imagined;
however, the sinfulness of their ecstasy screamed of the pain
they would forever be forced to endure.
If there truly is a God how could He have been so cruel
as to bring this angel into her life
knowing the wrongfulness of it all?
If it was a test at her resistance to temptation,
she knew she had failed.
Perhaps it was a lure from the other side,
but she knew that not even the devil himself
could disguise himself in such perfection.
And so they continued teetering on the edge
of forever, of time, of heaven and hell,
unsure of where to go.
They already had tasted each other’s flesh,
lived in the other’s heart and soul.
With pain that surpassed any torture
that could be given by God or man they said goodbye. 
They knew it was the only way to survive,
and yet they both died that day.
Tears fell silently as they kissed slowly,
their bodies and minds and hearts burning
to take that trip to paradise one last time.
Her hands gently caressed his soul,
her eyes begging to be released from this fire
that was out of control.
Trying to hold back, to make this moment last forever,
he carried her to heights no man had ever taken her
before sadly leaving her lying
on the edge of heaven and hell.

Walking the Line


walking the line between heaven and hell,
wanting you so, but too scared to tell;
dreaming these dreams, living these lies;
wishing I could tell you how my soul flies;
needing to thank you for making me smile;
wanting to please you if only for a while
walking the line between heaven and hell,
wishing these wishes, but I'll never tell;
cuz I'm walking the line between heaven and hell;

I'm walking the line, teetering on the edge;
as to myself, vows of love I pledge;
walking the line, trembling inside,
knowing this love is something I have to hide;

I'm walking the line, with no safety net,
wishing your smile I could simply forget;
walking the line between heaven and hell;
oh how I need you, but I can never tell

walking the line between heaven and hell,
in my dreams you'll always dwell;
the touch of your hand, the sparkle in your eyes;
I'm always so happy living these lies;
what do I do, where do I turn,
I can't just tell you how you make me burn;
I don't know where to go, so I keep walking the line;
looking in your eyes, waiting for a sign

Heaven’s Bleeding


The sky burns flames
Heaven’s bleeding, crying, dying
Tears fall heavy upon the living
Screams of torment rise through the air
On wings of a dove
On the death of love
Burn with me
With heaven and hell
And all things in between
Watch the scars open and bleed
Tortured life, happy release
Heaven’s bleeding, screaming, dreaming
Losing fast this game
Dance with me within the flames
Feel the burn
Fuel the pyre
Scream with me at heaven’s gate

Heaven and Hell


Heaven's fire and hell's sweet grace
Pain exploding as dreams erase
Nighttime whispers of daylight's tears
Come and live within my fears

Heaven's torture and hell's sweet light
Let go of love without a fight
Feel the daytime hide from the dark
Knowing it can never be the spark

Heaven's pain and hell's sweet peace
And satan signs another lease
Feel the light crawl into the shadow
Come be mine in this darkened glow

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