Sunday, July 19, 2015

7 Things People Do that Annoy Me

Ok, so I'm in one of those fun typical me moods where some (most) people are just rather annoying. So, I thought I'd list all the things people do that get under my skin...
Oh...and please note... I was not thinking of any one person in particular when I was writing these. They're just things I've noticed over my *cough* 29 *cough* years of being alive. If you think they're about you... welllllll.... sorry. :)

1 - Breath... 

Ok ok, that's a little harsh. And not true. I don't mind (most) people breathing. As long as words aren't coming out of their mouth at the same time. :)

The real #1 -  Act like they're better than me, or anyone else. 

I mean, first of all, no one is better than me. I'm perfect. And if you're acting like you're better than anyone else... you're not. Get over yourself.

2 - Read minds. 

I realllllly don't like when people speak for me, or think for me, or tell me how I'm feeling. You know the kind... the "you're thinking I'm too nice"... "you need a hug from me"... "you're glad you know me". Really? I am? I do? Wow. Thank you so much for telling me. I had no clue I was thinking/needing/feeling that way. I am soooo lucky to have you around to tell me these things.

3 - Change who they are to impress me

If I like you, it's because I like you for who you are. If you change because it's something you feel you need to do for yourself, I will continue to like you. But do not change as a way of impressing me. It's not impressive. It's annoying. It's not real. And I don't like fake people.

4 - Pretend to be someone they aren't

Well, I guess this is basically the same as #3. Yeah. Fake people are annoying.

5 - Stalking

 ♫♬♪ I'm a big kid now! ♪♬♫
No offense, but I don't need you following me, watching out your window for me, calling me to see where I am/what I'm doing, hiding behind my house, or anything else. Really. I am a big girl. I can cross the street without holding someone's hand, and I even learned not to take candy from strangers... unless it's chocolate.

6 - Trying to catch me in a lie

If you want to know what I'm doing, or where I am, or who I am with, just ask. If you already know the answer because you were doing #5 above... then there really is no reason to ask, is there?

7 - People who have to point out how great they are

Yes, yes, you're a beautiful, wonderful, giving, caring human being. I know this. I do not need to be reminded of your excellence. And, if I owe you something, I am already aware of this as well. Again, I do not need to be reminded of your generosity or my debt. Thank you.

I'm such a bitch :)

Ok, I know... some of these were a little harsh. But, I just had to say 'em. Sorry to anyone I've offended. That really wasn't my intention. I just felt like being a bitch in general... not to anyone specific. That makes it better, right? .... ? :-/

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