Friday, October 29, 2010

Kill them All

Have you ever noticed that if you're angry with one or two of the opposite gender, suddenly the whole world would be better off if that entire gender would be overcome by some genetic mishap that made them slowly and painfully bleed to death?

I'm having one of those days. Kill them all, I say.

Now what on earth could be so horrible that I would want the entire adult male population dead? Nothing in particular. Or perhaps everything. I just find the species incredibly irritating and stupid.

Let me pose two particular scenarios.

Say you have someone of the opposite (irritating) gender who claims you're a friend. Yet you find out they are going through something rather serious, and of course you do not find this out from the friend. Would you be just a little hurt? Angry? Want to rip their finger nails off? Or maybe it's just me?

How about you have a friend/acquaintance/questionable relationship of some odd sort with the opposite (irritating) gender, and they go months without speaking to you. Note, these months come after they tell you not to fuck something up and basically call you melodramatic. Then out of the blue they contact you and wonder why you haven't told them how great they are and how much you appreciate everything they did for you. Would you be a little miffed? stunned? Want to pull their leg hairs out one at a time with a tweezers? Or maybe this is just me also?

Whether it's just me or not, I still say just kill them all!

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