Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emotionally Slapped in the Face

So many times you find that one - that person you can trust without question or doubt. And every time, you get slapped in the face, emotionally if not physically. And believe me, I'd take the physical any day of the week. Physical bruises heal. The emotional bruises? They lighten in time. But they never heal. No matter what anyone tells you, they never heal.

There's the "father" - whether biological or not. This is the man you believe will love you unconditionally. The one who will always be there for you. The one who will, unconditionally, turn his back on you. Don't buy into the appearance of love and trust and protection. It is all a lie.

There's the "twin soul" - the one person who, no matter the time or distance separating you, will always love you and need you and want you. He, too, is a lie. He loves and wants and needs you - provided you please him in every way he desires. Otherwise, he'll quite simply move on.

There's your "true love" - similar to a twin soul, the one who will always love you. Of course, he will only true love you if you bend to his every will and demand.

No matter the man or the love, he will fail you. But none so great as the father. The father isn't supposed to fail you. The others, it isn't so unexpected. But the one you choose as the father? That one hurts the most. His betrayal makes you give up completely. His betrayal makes you turn all his lessons into something selfish and wrong. And yet perhaps oh so right. Can an emotional slap in the face be what is truly needed? Can it be what makes us strong?

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