Saturday, March 19, 2016

Matching Mine

I could feel your heart beat from across the room
Echoing through my soul, matching the beat of mine
I want to run to you, pull you into my arms
Feel that beat race against my breast
But I find myself rooted in place, trying to quiet
The pounding in my own chest
The flutter in my stomach
The throbbing of my need

Your eyes are so intense, drilling into me
Seeing into my soul, matching the need in mine
I want to move closer, gaze up into those eyes
Get lost in the desire shining within them
But I find myself standing still, trying to hide
The longing in my own eyes
The yearning in my soul
The wanting of my need

Your tongue wets your lips while you glance at mine
Causing a thirst in my soul, matching this lust of mine
I want to feel you against me, feel our lips meet
Wet your lips with my own
But I find myself unable to move, trying to still
The thirst of my own lips
The craving deep within
The hunger of my need

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