Saturday, March 5, 2016

crappy poems


The seas have grown cold and distant
The sun has pulled away its warmth
Silence envelopes, its embrace unsettling

No storm clouds hang overhead
The calm evening air lacks but only
The slightest breeze, its chill unsettling

All the creatures have slipped away
No chirping or movement to disturb
No songs, no cries, the chatter unsettling

Sonnet XIII (I think)

Once held in passions glow but now alone
Once drowned in loves sweet light but now so dark
Once warmed by tender rays but now cold stone
Once embraced in fire, now not even a spark.

Those pools once so deep and tempestuous
Have grown so calm, so numb, so tranquil
Those storms once raged brilliantly treacherous
Now quiet, now cold, now fearfully still

The fire's no more a threat to heart or soul
The light no longer tries to suffocate
The storm's no more a threat to what was whole
The fire no longer yearns to captivate

The glow no longer lights the shaded path
And the stillness of night cries out its wrath

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