Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missing you

Hey Brandon,

I know I'm early. I don't usually write to you until Thanksgiving, or April - your birthday. But, circumstances has me thinking about you more than usual, even though I think of you daily. It started with some stupid idiot discussing suicide. It's funny (well, more angering, but I'm sure you understand) how people talk about the subject like it's just another topic... just another statistic. If they only knew. To be honest, it began even before this - it began a few weeks ago when I had to select a topic for Sociology to write about, and I chose suicide. The main reason for selecting it was to make people understand. And, maybe help myself understand. But since making the decision to write about this sensitive topic, I'm finding myself more on edge than usual. It doesn't help that the person who has brought up the topic wouldn't understand the pain of it if she had to deal with it first hand.. She'd turn it into some stupid political bull shit.

And, to top it all off, guess where I am? I'm laying in bed, my back fucked up. Boy does that bring back memories. Only, this time, you're not here reading me Dr. Seuss. That is one thing I miss greatly. You always managed to keep my mind off the pain - no matter what pain it was at the time. If I could have but one thing tonight, it would be for you to be sitting on the edge of my bed reading A Wocket in my Pocket or Dr. Seuss' ABC's.

But, I must go now. Please take care of your brother, and Nicky and her daddy, and watch over the rest of us. I love you, Brandon... Mercury... leader of the Solar Stars resistance. Some day, we will win.

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