Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another home?

I've decided to start a new blog. I have one on The Writer's Box, as most of my friends know (especially considering most of my friends live there as well); however, it has recently been made a private site, which makes an RSS feed to it from my FaceBook account rather difficult and slightly annoying.

Do not fear though - I will not be leaving the box. I am simply going to be housing my writings in both places, and of course (hopefully) having the posts updated to my FaceBook. I am a child of Social Media. One of its pawns. And quite proud of it.

This said, please be patient with me while I get used to updating various locations, especially with my recent lack of time (and energy).

Now then, onto the name of this site:

I was once compared to a rose. Okay, I've been compared to a rose on many occasions. Generally because of its thorns. Most look upon a rose as being something of beauty, symbolozing love and passion. But I find the rose as something much more. Yes, it has the potential for great love and passion. It also has the potential to cause bloodshed and pain. And the ability to wilt, to weep, to crave nourishment. It has the ability to draw one's attention close, only to then prick that someone and cause them to drop the rose and leave it laying on the ground alone.

In other words, here, on the Darkside of the Rose, you will find some of the pretty happy things we associate with roses. But you will most likely find even more of the darker things. If you don't like dark, dreary, and sometimes quite pathetic - don't read it. Everyone else, please read, enjoy, comment, and share as you see fit.

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