Friday, September 30, 2011

avoiding next week

Have you ever hated someone? I don't mean just being really annoyed with someone. We've all been there. Probably to the point of really wanting to smack that person upside the head (or punch them in the face... kick them in the balls...). But have you ever really hated someone. Have you ever had one person whom, upon hearing said-person's name, your blood boils, your thoughts grow dark, your body tenses uncontrollably?

There are few people I can honestly say I hate. Yes, there are several I think are stupid, pathetic, wastes of time. But I don't hate them. I could probably count my hates on one hand those I hate. Or one finger.

I just heard that this hate is going to be in my vicinity next week. I was surprised at how quickly I saw red. The person I trusted most whom betrayed me. The one person I was dumb enough to think actually gave a shit. I hate him. I do not, under any circumstance, want to see him or speak to him again. He fucked me over. He betrayed me. And now he's coming here? He played on my sympathy, only to be a fucking idiot, and expects me to hold onto that sympathy from the past? I'm done. He isn't worth my time, energy, or love. He isn't worth shit. That's what he wants. He plays off that - probably in the hopes that someone will love him. I'm not playing this game anymore. diaf

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